Fix your car or have spare parts handy

in case of an emergency and find them at JC Whitney.

Let’s face you just never know when your car will break down unexpectedly and not know what to do. But when that happens be prepared with all you need.

For tire problems. Flat tire.. What do you do? Get the best tire repair and opt for Smittybilt 2733 Tire Repair Kit, Tire Diameter, Kit from JC Whitney to easily and quickly repair small punctures on tires . This repair kit provides a quick fix to  patch that flat tire amd get back on the road.

To safely keep a spare tire get a Dorman OE Solutions 924-517 Spare Tire Hoist Assembly, Steel and Plastic from JC Whitney. Easy to install and very durable spare tire carrier that won’t need to be replaced often.

It is also a good idea to have a jack. Consider a Hydraulic Floor Jack – 4000 lbs., 5 in. to 15 in. lift range from JC Whitney. Reliable universal jack with great performance you can count on when an emergency arises. The product has a one year warranty in case there is a flaw in its construction.

Tire gauge to check tire pressure. Get a tire pressure gauge – 2in. Round tire gauge from JC Whitney. Note that this is a universal fit that fits most cars and SUVs, but may need to be modified for your vehicle. When you hear a humming noise while on the road and fear an unbalanced tire issue this  tool comes in handy. It works great at night and will get a precise reading of tire pressure. Thi will help discover other problems like leaks to take action and get it fixed.

In case your car gives up halfway to your destination, have emergency lights to warn oncoming traffic to slow down. Wolo Manufacturing Sure Safe 3720M-A Emergency Light, magnetic Mounting, 11-15V, Gen 3 LED from JC Whitney. Bright enough for other drivers to spot you from far away. You never know maybe a driver will be good-hearted and get help for you.

Have a Multi screwdriver handy and opt for a screwdriver – ¼” x 4” slotted screwdriver from JC Whitney. This Performance Tool screwdriver will deliver great results and meet your needs.

Overheated engine. What to do? First, don’t panic, move to the shoulder of the road and check the radiator. Make  sure you wait until it cools down to refill with Evans Waterless Coolant EC53001 High Performance Coolant,  1 Gallon from JC Whitney. It is ideal for all gas and diesel engines. Best of all, no need to mix with water it is has all you need already. It is recommended to get all the water-based coolant out before refilling with this one. Say goodbye to water coolants and go waterles to avoid overheating.
Have a high quality flashlight. Consider a KC Hilites 9923 Flashlight, 4.33 in. length, LED, 300 Lumens, Anodized Black from JC Whitney. The best choice the go-to for unexpected road emergencies. A very compact and durable flashlight that is a must-get to add to your car tool box.

Be prepared for the unexpected and get all you with your JC Whitney coupon.

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Fix your car or have spare parts handy

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