Benefits of Casters on Chairs

If you’ve looked at some of the chairs in your home or office, you’ve probably seen casters on the wheels. There are numerous benefits of using casters on all types of chairs, especially those that you plan to move around on a frequent basis. When you put casters on your chairs, you need to make sure they are the proper size because casters that are too large or too small can cause the chair to tip over or not sit right.

Sturdy Base

Compared to typical legs on a chair that might be uneven or have wear and tear on them, casters are a sturdy option. They are often made of metal, which means that they won’t break as easily as a plastic cover that goes on each leg of the chair. Casters will usually support the weight of most people, making them an option for everyone from office workers to those who use this kind of chair at home.

Quiet Alternative

Aside from metal casters, you have plastic options that are a bit quieter. They offer the same support as the metal ones, but these casters are less expensive and don’t make as much noise when the chair is slid across the floor. If you’re using the chair and casters on a hardwood or laminate surface, then plastic casters would be a better option for you so that there isn’t a lot of noise while you’re rolling around.

Easier To Move

When you have casters on your chair, it’s easier to move around in the room. This is something to consider if you work in an office where you’re performing multiple tasks during the day. You want to get from one location of the office space to another without getting up and down that much. Casters on your chair will allow you to get several things done in a shorter time because you can just roll from the desk to another area.

No Rust

Plastic casters on your chairs don’t rust like metal ones would. If the casters get dirty, all you have to do is wipe them off with a wet cloth instead of replacing the caster like you might have to do with those that are made from metal. They are also usually resistant to corrosive materials. Since plastic casters can easily be kept clean, it makes the chair last longer as well. If you don’t want to invest in new chairs, then get casters to put on the legs to hide the imperfections that are present. Plastic won’t leave any kind of rust or marks on the floor. They won’t scratch the surface of the floor like metal would, which means that the floor will stay in better condition over time.

Metal Options

If you want something that is a bit heavier, then you’re going to want metal. They also look a little more professional than plastic casters. Metal is an option to consider if you want an industrial appearance. Another feature is that they sometimes lock in place better than plastic casters if you don’t want to move around.


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Benefits of Casters on Chairs

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