Factors Determining The Average Prices Of Carpet Cleaning

Many people do not know what cost to expect from Horsham carpet cleaning services. But one thing is for sure: professional cleaners minimize the risk of damage to the flooring and help to extend the lifespan of the carpets. A DIY cleaning process is tempting but it is best to let professionals do their job. Whether your carpet needs deep cleaning or bonnet cleaning, the cost depends on a number of factors.

  • There is no one-size-fits-all cleaning price

Different homes and businesses differ in sizes. A small home can accommodate fewer carpets while a big space would take several or one large carpets. Normally carpet cleaning companies use two methods of determining the cost: according to the number of carpeted rooms, and per square foot criteria.

  1. Per room

A flat rate is given for every room in a house or office. A size cap is used in this case whereby a specific square footage is used to denote a single room. So, a big room may be treated as a double room. Some companies charge extra where movement of furniture is involved. So, if you are a homeowner, consider relocating your coaches and tables before the cleaners arrive to save on cleaning cost.

  1. Per square foot

If your carpets are small, you will be charged a relatively higher price because you have to cover the cost of materials used as well as the travel expenses of the cleaners. If your home is big, the cost per square foot will be slightly low since the cost of materials and equipment set-up will be fixed.

  • Cleaning method

The average carpet cleaning rates include the products used, labor, and guarantees of standard cleaning. The cleaning technique used also matters as well as the add-ons. The most common method is steam cleaning which requires the use of hot water. High pressure is applied to spray hot water mixed with a detergent onto the carpet. Then moisture is removed through suction and the carpet allowed a whole day to dry. This method is quite technical and so will cost higher than dry cleaning. Many carpet manufacturers recommend this method so as to maintain a valid warranty. The cost of steam cleaning will also depend on the location of the carpet. For example, a living room carpet which gets dirt more often is difficult to wash than a bedroom carpet. Dry cleaning, on the other hand, requires low moisture and the process is quicker than deep cleaning and so would cost less.

  • Hidden costs

Most commercial carpet cleaners give an upfront fee to cater for basic costs. However, it is still possible to have add-ons. A targeted spot cleaning, for instance, may be charged for an extra amount. Standard cleaning, on the other side, needs a follow-up and this may create additional costs. But good companies let the carpet owners know if there are additional costs involved.

Different carpet cleaning services determine their rates differently. Nevertheless, you should accept a service that gives transparent and clear invoice with details on what is covered in the overall price.

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Factors Determining The Average Prices Of Carpet Cleaning

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